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Andy Graham

Played at every level of Pipe Band, including Grade 1 and currently competing with G2 City of Edinburgh PB. Previous Pipe Major of bands; teaching all ages; taught for Edinburgh Education Dept; and am on the fields competing solo. I reached G7 of RGT Electric Guitar examinations* through Thames Valley University. I have a BSc Mus Dip BA(hons) MA Philosophy from the OU, and am a holder of the Institute of Pipings Graduate Certificate** which I achieved in 2004 after tuition at the College of Piping in Glasgow. Outwith music I am a long distance runner, biker, and I am a qualified Train Driver Instructor soon to be rtd.

Dissertation for MA Philosophy 2021.

Cosmopolitanism is the best ideology for providing foreign aid. Political views leading to Nationalism and Patriotism hinder foreign aid.

*RGT Exams have 8 grades and teaching diplomas
**the highest,
level 6, of the new PDQB

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