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Having played at every level of Pipe Band, including Grade 1; being Pipe Major of bands; teaching all ages; taught for Edinburgh Education Dept; played at numerous solo piping events; and am on the fields competing. I reached G7 of RGT Electric Guitar examinations* through Thames Valley University/ I have a BSc Mus Dip BA(hons) MA Philosophy and am a holder of the Institute of Pipings Graduate Certificate** which I achieved in 2004 after studying at the College of Piping in Glasgow. I compete in Open Level Solo piping; Piobaireachd, March Strathspey & Reel, Hornpipe & Jig. Outwith music I am a long distance runner, and I am a qualified Train Driver Instructor.

Cosmopolitanism is the best ideology for providing foreign aid. Political views leading to Nationalism and Patriotism hinder foreign aid. Dissertation for MA Philosophy 2021.

*RGT Exams have 8 grades and teaching diplomas
**the highest,
level 6, of the new PDQB

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