Bagpipe Sheepskin from Hewitts Livingston.

Number 8 Glovers needles from JJ Needles.


(8mm overstitch wheel.)

Cardboard template,

3 100mm g clamps

Cut leather with stanley knife, gusset, and welt.

bag 29.5*11 inches, neck opening must be 2.5 inch to allow bass stock to pass through so allow 6 inches when cutting. Welt 2 inches, gusset 1 inch, 39 inches long.

Glue, trim.

16 foot thread. Stitch from the back doing one stitch at a time. 4 stitches to an inch approx.

tiger (ritza) thread or 8 strand hemp, waxed, twisted and tapered at the ends. Tie a loop in the middle for hanging bag when seasoning.

Tiger thread, polyester waxed etsy or abbeyengland

Saddlers needles size 16 jjneedles

try tiger/ritza thread abbey england

1mm waxed polyester leather thread

(knee clamp to hold welt together for stitching)

Thread 16 foot long.



30 ml glycerine,
30 ml rubbing alcohol (or 40 ml 100-proof whisky)
60 ml honey,
10 grammes granulated gelatine dissolved in
30 ml boiling water (20 ml if using whisky).

60ml boiling water, add 3*9g sachets granulated Gelatine and shake.

Add 2*29ml bottles of Glycerin, 120ml Honey and (30)ml rubbing aclohol. Shake and keep in fridge.

To use; Microwave till liquid, about 4 or 5 minutes and keep shaking to mix it all up. Back in the fridge and it'll last for years.


The composition of commercial seasoning is a closely-guarded secret.
Yet it is rumoured that Hardie's famous Airtight Seasoning is made mostly of lanolin suspended in glycerine, and a small amount of lye.


"Here's one. It's based on Royce's "Uptight" but I reckon it's better. A bit more work though.

1 cup vegetable shortening.
2 cups natural plant or wood soap (pine soap)
1 cup clear sugar syrup. (honey if you can afford it)
2 teaspoons gelatin crystals.
Just enough hot water to dissolve the gelatin.

Warm the vegetable shortening till it's clear. Stir in the soap first.
You end up with a milky white liquid that can be used as bag seasoning as it is.
Next stir in the syrup and finally the dissolved gelatin. Make sure it is completely dissolved.
Warm the whole thing so that every thing blends together. DON'T BOIL!
Set it aside over night to cool and set.
What you end up with looks like, tastes like, and has the same consistency as, Hardie's Airtight.
It works just as well too."


"Uptight" for when your bag isn't, and you are....

Take 4 parts pure flax or vegetable oil soap "Murphy's Oil Soap" or
"Pure Flax Wood Soap," (liquid variety!) in a microwaveable measuring
cup with a pour spout. Dab in 1 part pure vegetable shortening and let
it float on top.

Heat this mess in a microwave for about 30-40 seconds, until the
shortening completely melts and clarifies. Then stir the mix together
until you get bored.

Use this like Airtight. When it cools it will gell into a milky
liquid, and will need reheating before adding to the bag. Do not boil
it. About 4-6 ounces will start off a fresh hide bag. Use all you want
on a sheepskin bag, but drain it out in either and let it hang to dry
overnight for best results. Don't bother saving the excess, you have
an inexhaustable supply for pennies a treatment.

Sheepskin or old-style cowhide or "foreign" bags should make the
mixture 3-1, 3 parts oil soap and 1 part shortening.




30ml/ Glycerine 38ml
60ml/ Honey 80ml
10g Gelatine 12g
30ml Boiling water 200ml
30ml Rubbing Alcohol